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Tomorrows The Day - April Fools (3) - Tomorrows The Day (Vinyl)


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  1. Article #2 "History of April Fools Day" Regarding the subject of “April Fool” (in Arabic, Kithbat Neesaan or "The Lies of April"), the origin of this lying is not known for sure. There are differing opinions concerning that: Some of them said that it developed from the celebrations of .
  2. Oct 11,  · To celebrate April Fools’ Day, this week we are featuring a series of unusual concepts – enjoy! Today is also the anniversary of the founding of Apple Inc. in , an American company established to develop and sell a product sometimes subject to percussive maintenance – .
  3. Apr 01,  · April Fools' Day timeline 's UK joins the party. April Fools' Day begins to sweep across the UK. Caesar vs. Pope Greg VIII. Gregorian calendar is introduced to replace the Julian calendar, changing the first day of the new year from April 1 to January 1. ’s France sets the stage. The French adopt January 1 as the first day of the.
  4. Apr 12,  · The Motley Fool's April Fool's Day Joke Turns 20! What we can learn from two decades of pranks. Ilan Moscovitz Those shares are going to split 6 ways from Sunday tomorrow morning.
  5. Tomorrows april fools day. Humor. Close. Posted by. u/skyhoop. 5 months ago. Tomorrows april fools day. Humor. My plans for tomorrow so far are: Wet paint sign on the brick wall. "Free ticket" rewards that don't give you anything. Crashing the art class and telling students that art has been replaced with another maths class.
  6. Dec 03,  · 1: ·(military) An area of hostile territory that has been seized for use as an airbase to ensure the further safe landing of troops and materiel.· (by extension) A (usually temporary) landing area for aircraft for supplying a non-military operation.· (mining, archaic) Alternative form of air-head (“a horizontal channel providing ventilation in a.
  7. "To be cautious, we should completely devour the Moon by tomorrow," a spokesperson advised. Happy April Fool's Day from the folks at APOD. The above image (slightly altered) was actually taken in by the Ranger 9 probe minutes before impact. The popular "Moon is made of Green Cheese" myth can be traced back almost years.
  8. But sometimes, like on April 1, I use trickery for well, trickery. I treat April Fools’ Day the way I treat my morning iced coffee: Go big or go home. Forget the old tricks like filling Oreos with toothpaste or hiding rubber bugs in students’ desks.

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