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Nixon / Reagan - Various - Play It Rough (CD)


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  1. Jul 31,  · Nixon responds with a huge guffaw and went on to gleefully repeat Reagan's remarks in other taped conversations with his advisers. Naftali, who is now an associate professor at New York University, said the portion of the tape containing Reagan's remarks was initially withheld to protect his privacy but the complete version was released by the.
  2. Aug 02,  · Reagan's Racist Call With Nixon Echoes Strongly Today. Peniel Joseph, CNN August 2, AP Photo/Dennis Cook. Peniel Joseph says the recently-released racist phone call between Ronald Reagan and.
  3. New Audio: Reagan Phones Nixon And Calls Africans 'Monkeys' Yes, yes, Ronald Reagan was a racist, but you have to consider the context of his time (in which what he said would have been considered racist) as well as his policy record (which was extremely racist) and the reason why he appealed to so many Americans (racism).
  4. Nearly four decades after Ronald Reagan called Africans "monkeys" and Richard Nixon used the so-called War on Drugs to shield a war on black people, .
  5. Jul 31,  · Reagan tells Nixon, who erupts in laughter. The recording was first published in the Atlantic magazine in an article written by Tim Naftali, who directed the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and.
  6. Jul 31,  · But this is the same Reagan who launched his general-election campaign with a "states rights" speech outside Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil-rights activists were murdered by the.

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