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Its Just A Feeling (Kevin Reese Saunderson Mix) - Terrorize - Its Just A Feeling - The Remix Project (Vinyl)


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  1. The need to assess our surrouondings before knowing what kind of emotion to feel is the basis of the _____ theory of emotions. Definition. Schachter and Singer two-factor: Term. A past experience of a stimulus can cause an _____ effect, wherein the familiarity of the .
  2. After working all afternoon cleaning up the attic, Mr. Dixon is very thirsty and drinks a big glass of orange juice. His motivation to drink in order to reduce his feeling of thirst can best be explained by: the Yerkes-Dodson law. drive-reduction theory. incentive theories. arousal theory.
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  4. Noncontingent reinforcement may sometimes result in a) laziness. b) superstitious behavior. c) a decrease in maladaptive behavior. d) all of these > D Maladaptive behavior can sometimes be effectively reduced through exposure to a(n) ____ schedule of reinforcement.
  5. Maura just celebrated her 25th anniversary at the company. She felt that the gold watch she received was just a meaningless trinket, and was glad that she balanced her work with family life. According to the psychologist _____, Maura is in the stage of development called generativity vs. stagnation.
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  7. a) Bill Jonsen is just like the rest of them: lazy and uneducated. b) I don't want Barbara Jones on the city council. c) I don't like Bill Johnson because of the way he treated my father.
  8. You are walking down the street and see a really nice car drive by. You notice many features of it: its color, movement, shape, location, and so forth. All of these features are processed. a. in one localized area of the brain. b. by the grandmother cells in the brain. c. .

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