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  2. “Extra” anchor and managing editor Billy Bush brings his top industry relationships, his signature interview style, and his unique point of view to the show'.
  3. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! extra 1. slang Exceptional in some way; beyond what it is expected or usual. Did you just see what she did? Girl is extra. Whoa, that guac you made is so extra. What's in it? 2. slang Excessive, melodramatic; over the top. Does Kelly honestly expect us to spend $.
  4. Jun 08,  · In formal standard German, Extra-is a prefix attached to the following noun. In colloquial German, however, it is often treated like a real adjective. The substantival (or partitive) form used with indefinite pronouns may also take -s: was Extras (“something additional, something on top”). Adverb. extra. specifically (for a given purpose)indefinite: extra.
  5. Apr 01,  · This deal provides customers with all of our Extras and Cloud DVR Plus for only $20/mo. ($45 value). You’ll get all seven Extras including Sports Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Comedy Extra, Hollywood Extra, Heartland Extra and Cloud DVR Plus.
  6. Noticias de Costa Rica e internacionales. Diario Extra, el periódico de más venta en Costa Rica.
  7. Places. Extra, West Virginia; People. Extra (acting), a performer who appears in a nonspeaking, nonsinging, or nondancing capacity, usually in the background Walter Extra (born ), German aerobatic pilot and aircraft designer; Arts, entertainment, and media Film. The Extra, a Mexican film; The Extra, a Australian film; Music. Extra (Gilberto Gil album), an album by Brazilian.
  8. Extra definition, beyond or more than what is usual, expected, or necessary; additional: an extra copy of a newspaper; an extra charge. See more.

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